Often we come across a relatable statement “forgiveness acquires greater strength”.

Even if it is 1st of December it’s not seen as the beginning of a new month rather it is considered the final month being at the end of a year. …

See through it

we all work hard throughout of our lives, everyday getting through the struggles,facing all the ups and downs:to live, in hope of one day that would appreciate our endurance, our true self in this world. we only hope to find one place that would belongs to us..we urge for that sense of belonging to somewhere, may be not a grandeur one,yet, but still a place that reflects our true worth.

  1. What is more sustainable or reliable option which could be persistent through out our life: Is it Making your passion into a profession or Your profession into your passion.

  • An introvert person is easily mistaken for being uncanny, impolite and stubborn.. It’s not that we don’t know this and don’t want to share anything but actually we analyze a lot before we speak our minds.
  • Like the fact of people around us:what if…


Trying to learn and share answers for some of the difficult queries about Life,people....in my own way

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