“TIME MANAGEMENT” this is the phrase that fits the broken pieces of imbalance in your routine that strives the life and always pushes you to the edge with everything. we all have the same technical twenty four hours with us, but we all stand alone in our places on different pars.

why is it,the difference which could be so obvious but remain indifferent. we fail to sweep ourselves in these stack of conspicuous fallen apart plans for everyday.

when the answer to these is very close to us, just need a wipe against this blur to visualize the most realistic,yet simple truth..

The time to manage your time is an effort, this effort is always a choice. There is no such thing as you have time or you don’t have time for something, the time is either trained or untrained of your efforts you put in.

Here’s a thing: you have to believe in your self to make this effort which is going to be restraining,yet reviving. Your brain is kind of computer you got to program it,if you believe you can manage your time then you will, otherwise you won’t: simple

Always we hear ourselves saying I don’t have time, well to be precise you don’t practically have time..but the thing to be focused here is, time is something you do to have it..through the strategies you will work on it. All you need to do is start realizing by yourself and dive in to the solutions to resolve it as earlier as possible.

The smaller steps, the efforts that you make today turns in to the biggest reality of tomorrow.

A quick gateway of seven steps to manage your time:

1.Don’t push or burden yourself by assigning with some impossible tasks just at the beginning,even if you succeed,after sometime this would easily overwhelm you.

Instead list down a to do list for the day. to do list, a classic old plan, but as it goes old is gold. To do list is remains an effective plan to accomplish your routine.This list is always going to be your choice that may be added or postponed according to your routinely changes,but with a twist to it,list down three things that you have to complete it by the week, be committed to do it in no matter what situation. A strategy suggested by J.D.Myer.

It made me realize that it is not about squeezing more in life it is about doing the things in much simpler ways.

2. Give yourself, better, the true reasons to get the things done, don’t fantasies and make it over the top. These reasons can be some sort of emotions that you feel after you accomplish your tasks. Bring awareness, the liveliness to your list. The idea is to rearranging the tasks to turn into the most productive day possible. we just need a nudge to push it through the end, we don’t want ourselves to be dragged in the process.

Emotions give meaning to everything in your life, turn these most vulnerable things in to your strength.

3.Works expands so as to fill the time available for its completion..this is called the parkinson’s law. I got to admit it,this was the breakthrough till the core to make me realize how irrelevant or to be precise mindlessly I was repeating the same mistake over the time.

When I read about this, Trust me, this works wonders,initially it was difficult with the process to get assessed on the routine,but eventually you learn to get accustomed to it. Start by assigning a timer for each task without getting distracted and work on it with all your heart.

Not too much but not too little. scheduling time for each task is to be the utmost priority.

4.Always spare for moment of stillness in your schedule. This is a little sneak away from everything,from everyone, that is only meant for yourself.

This could include anything an evening walk, running outside,listening to some vintage songs, basking in the sun or moon if you are an night lover,cooking or baking something, meditation {my most favorite} just to clam down your nerves. This also gives a sense of belonging, a privacy to your complete self which is needed.

5.Don’t exaggerate your liabilities with your free time.One could easily get lost or distracted from everything.

Distractions lead to destruction.Distractions are not easy to be dealt with. Initially in your earlier time management efforts these distractions try their best to pull you down with them.Instead of wasting your energy on putting a strong stay put,play wisely with it.

Don’t fight your distractions try to moderate it. With time,with the visual productive results of your efforts, it will eventually subside.

6.Eliminate the excess, get priorities in order. This appears to be one of the things that would slid off your attention. With time it intrudes your calculative moves to fix your time management. There is a need to check out and differentiate whilst for you to decide the priorities of your life.

you could start by deleting unnecessary apps or may be unsubscribing from something that would make no point in your life,you are better off with it.

Saying no could be necessary. saying no is your strength not your weakness

7.Time management is working smarter not harder, don’t be robotic with your tasks. If possible deligate the tasks with someone else. sometimes the company of someone you could trust for your scheduled routine could initiate changes or draw your attention towards the new methodological ways of your work.

sometimes a change seems to be important. It could make the slight improvements required to get the things in a better way.

Time is precious..something of worth is realized only when it is lost or out of reach. Make Time management the asset to hold on to this endeavored for letter word called TIME. If used wisely, TIME MANAGEMENT could be an ulterior page turner for life.

Trying to learn and share answers for some of the difficult queries about Life, my own way